Prices and Currencies

You may have noticed that our prices are not all rounded and this makes them look unusual compared to conventional pricing on other websites you are used to. So we've stuck in this page to explain why this is, and it is pretty simple...

We sell our products to 4 different countries, which all have their own currencies;

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

To ensure that we offer the best value possible, we offer a straight currency conversion with no rounding up of any numbers involved. This ensures you get the best prices! Just change the currency to your preferred using our live converter located on the top right.

You may notice at the checkout the total is in Great British Pounds, that's where our business is based and it's easier for us to see orders in our own currency. Do not worry! You will be charged the correct amount in your own currency which is shown within your cart.

For any further queries about prices and currencies, please feel free use the Contact Us button on the bottom right to get in touch.